Welcome to American Access Control Systems

Welcome to American Access Control Systems

American Access Control Systems LLC, is an American manufacturer providing technically superior and architecturally pleasing security portals for government centers, hospitals, education campuses, and corporate headquarters.

The components used in constructing American Access Control Systems security portals and security doors directly contribute to approximately 18,000 US American jobs in more than nine different states

American Access Control Systems’ Touch Screen Control Console is capable of controlling multiple portals (8) from 1 central control point. The Control Console has an automatic Audio/Video link that “pops up” during an alarm or emergency situation allowing the security guard to have direct visual and audio communications with person or persons in the portal. The Control Console informs the security guard of the status of all portals or each individual portal.

The American Access Control Systems’ anti tailgating, anti piggybacking system is near infrared based and does not experience the problems associated with weight or volume (ultra sonic) systems. The near infrared system allows authorized users to pass through the portal quick and effortlessly, even while carrying items such as laptops, briefcases, purses or pulling or pushing carry-on luggage. The infrared system allows unrestricted passage of wheelchairs.

The American Access Control Systems’ Main Control Terminal (MCT) logs 16,000 cycles of information that can be accessed via the Internet (256 bits AES encryption) for remote trouble shooting, or if direct access is not desirable to the end user all logged data can be down loaded to a USB drive and sent via the internet for diagnosis and or adjustments. The MCT can communicate directly with the buildings security system relaying all alarms and emergency situations. The MCT is capable of receiving two separate inputs for access, one for normal access, and one for handicap access which operates at a slower speed allowing extended time for entrance and exit from the portal. The MCT has a “smart” E-Stop feature that tries to open the door used to enter the portal, if the door fails to open the clutch releases allowing the door to be manually opened with ease.

At American Access Control Systems we strive to keep it simple. We work with you through a highly collaborative process to provide your project team with the tools it needs to complete your lobby security plan quickly and effectively. Our parent company, Hi-Tech Metals a highly respected architectural metals fabrication company located in New York City can provide your team with any ballistic storefront needs for your project.

If you have any questions about our products and services or would like to request a quote, please contact us.