AACS Series 300

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  • Outside cabin dimensions 100”X60” with clear passage measuring 87”X34”
  • Throughput of six people per minute
  • Switches to a slower operating mode when an ADA badge is presented
  • Fire alarm override allows the security officer to close the doors in the event of an attempted security breech
  • Smart E-Stop technology forces the person out the same door that was used to enter the portal when the E-Stop is activated
  • Optional automatic Audio/Video interface that provides the security officer with direct contact with the person in the portal in the event of an alarm or E-Stop activation. “Roving” setting provides the security officer with a snap shot view of the interior of each portal connected to the Console
  • Console alerts security of an alarm situation and allows for override of detection systems by an authorized individual
  • Console displays the current status of up to eight portals individually of collectively
  • Logs 16,000 cycles of data for troubleshooting assistance
  • Ability to connect and troubleshoot via the Internet at 256 bits AES encryption
  • Main Control is internally protected to prevent failures due to overload conditions
  • Voice message is programmable on site allowing for a custom message to meet the facilities needs
  • Award winning Near Infrared tailgating system
  • Five-hour battery backup
  • Powder coated finish available in all RAL listed colors
  • Custom finishes available in stainless steel #4 & non-directional
  • Optional side posts allowing the electronics to be located in a maintenance friendly location

 DOWNLOAD AutoCAD File: Main_Assembly_-_AACS_Series_300.dwg

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