About Us

    American Access Control Systems is a division of HI-TECH Metals, a highly respected metal fabrication facility located in Maspeth New York. The Hi-Tech personnel are the leaders in the industry of custom metal fabrication. Their projects include the Custom Metal work for the New Yankee Stadium, Goldman Sachs, the new “Ground Zero” Museum, and custom store fronts for several high end retailers.

  The American Access Control Systems portals were developed after years of installing and servicing portals available from several different manufacturers. The knowledge gained from working with the other systems aided in the design and development of the American Access Control Systems portals. By identifying the potential problem areas , by listening to every client’s ideas and concerns, an extremely reliable and user friendly system was developed.

   The one thing that the “other guys” had in common was the lack of parts available in the United States. The American Access Control Systems portals are manufactured in the United States, the parts manufactured in the United States directly contributing to over 18,000 American jobs in more than nine different states. If a part is needed to repair a portal, the part will be at your facility the next day.

   American Access Control Systems offers unparalleled technical support by offering a direct connection with the Control Console, or if direct connection is not available, the onsite technician can download the data from the Main Control Terminal (MCT) and email the file to American Access Control Systems for complete analysis of the problem.

When you purchase an American Access Control Systems portal you are purchasing a system made in America by Americans.