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Teacher Praised for Heroic Act

May 26, 2018, saw another school shooting, this one in Noblesville, Indiana. This one, however, was foiled by a brave teacher, 29-year old Jason Seaman.


At 9:00 am, Friday morning, the alleged gunman and Noblesville West Middle School student asked to be excused from class. Returning with two handguns, the student opened fire on the class.


Classmate Ella Whistler, 13 was hit and injured, before Seaman tackled the suspect and subdued him. Whistler is currently in critical but stable condition, according to the Associated Press.


Seaman was shot in the abdomen, hip, and forearm, according to his mother in a Facebook post.


The shooting comes only a week after 10 were killed in a Santa Fe, Texas high school shooting.

Improving School Security

Our schools are facing increasing threats of violence, drugs, bullying, and even terrorism. The need for improved security and safety measures is clear and school administrators are faced with some serious choices. What can they do to improve school security? Here are a few top tips.

Develop Relationships.

A pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure. One of the most effective ways to prevent school violence, drug use, and bullying and other crimes is to develop trusting relationships with the students. Crimes happen under the cover of anonymity and students who feel seen, heard, and known are less likely to commit crime and more likely to report it when seen.

Get a Safety Audit.

Have your school professionally evaluated to find unknown areas of vulnerability. A professional safety audit can also reveal a number of potential solutions to address the issues.

Implement Appropriate Security Tools.

Unfortunately, schools are not safe havens of learning. They are vulnerable targets for violence and schools need to implement security tools and systems appropriate to the risks. Here are just a few examples:

1. Security portals.

Security portal doors can reduce risks by strictly controlling access at major entrances. The AACS Series portals can also detect metal and left objects, as well as prevent unauthorized access via piggybacking or tailgating.

2. Video surveillance.

Once you take measure to keep unauthorized persons and weapons off of the campus, video surveillance is another cost-effective security measure to improve safety. Video surveillance provides the administration with a wide view of the campus, deters crime, and provide intelligence to law enforcement.

3. Communication systems.

Set up a campus-wide communication system. In an emergency, seconds count. A communication system allows administrators to communicate the emergency and help initiate safety protocols.

AACS proudly works with the education system to help secure those facilities with security portal doors. If you have any questions about how these can help keep your campus safe, please give us a call! 304-553-3888.

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